Evolution of Residential Highway Design in South-East England - Conclusion

So, in conclusion...


Four Statements

I end with these four statements:

New Ideas Often Revisit Past Ideas – We can learn from looking at past ideas, both good and bad

Guidelines Are Only Guidelines – We mustn’t become too attached to guidelines as that produces identikit and uninspiring housing estate roads

Innovation and New Technology Offer New Opportunities – Using innovation and technology we can create more attractive and interesting street scenes for all road users and residents

Make Housing Estates Popular – Is it a pipe dream, or will it ever be possible that future housing estates will be so well designed and in such harmony with nature and society, that communities will be begging for new developments to be built in their areas?

Much of the information included in my presentation was obtained from the following four books:

"Streets and Shaping of Towns and Cities" (ISBN 978-1-55963-916-3) by Michael Southworth and Eran Ben-Joseph and "Changing Suburbs – Foundation, Form and Function" (ISBN 978-0-419-22050-3) edited by Richard Harris and Peter J. Larkham give an historical and modern day perspective of UK residential highways. They also look at the USA, Canada and Australia

"Estates – An Intimate History" (ISBN 978-1-86207-985-4) by Lynsey Hanley concentrates on the history of social housing provision in the UK

"Modern Housing Estates – A Practical Guide to the Planning, Design & Development" (ISBN 978-1-13553-830-9) by Stanley Gale, published in 1949, gives a perspective from that period

and if you want to find out more about general highway construction and its history you can refer to "Roadwork - Theory and Practice" (ISBN 978-0-7506-6470-7) by Peter Kendrick, Malcolm Copson, Steve Beresford and Paul McCormick

Further Reading

I hope you have found this presentation interesting and thought provoking. Please feel free to leave you comments via my "Contact Me" page (link at foot of page). I would be interested to find out what people think about this topic

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