Download my Program so you too can
Convert your Pianola Rolls to MIDI Files

Screen Capture of New Program

On this page you can download an updated version of the program that I used for converting pianola rolls to MIDI files.

This program is Freeware. You don't need to pay anything to use it

There is also a user's guide and a zipped sample file for you to try out using this program.

Also listed below are the source data files from which I created the MIDI files on my MIDI files page. You can use these files with my updated program to create your own version MIDI files of this music with changes of speed, volume, instrument etc.

The program works on Windows XP and Windows Vista

To download the program follow these steps:

1. Create a folder on your computer's hard drive - for example "c:\Program Files\PianolaToMIDI2"

2. Copy the program file to the new folder by right-clicking on this link: "Pianola To MIDI 2.exe" (196 kilobytes) and selecting "Save Target As..."

3. Copy the user guide to the new folder by right-clicking on this link: "Pianola To MIDI 2 User Guide.pdf" (1 megabyte) and selecting "Save Target As..."

4. Copy the zipped sample file to the new folder by right-clicking on this link: "Sample P2M Project.zip" (89 kilobytes) and selecting "Save Target As..."

5. Scan these three files using your computer's anti-virus software

6. Read the user guide. It's a comprehensive 48 page guide on how to use the program

7. Use the program and create your own MIDI files from your pianola rolls

N.B. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read the user guide. The zipped sample file contains six files. The three files above have all already been scanned for viruses but you can never be too careful

Click here to read the P2M file format details. This opens a PDF detailing the file format of the P2M files used by PianolaToMIDI2.exe

There is not a similar PDF available for the PIO files listed below, but they can be imported into PianolaToMIDI2 and saved in the P2M file format instead

The table below includes the 50 source data files that you can import into PianolaToMIDI2, amend as described above, and export to new MIDI files

ArtistsModel.pio (48kb)AuClairDeLaLune.pio (14kb)BelleOfNewYork.pio (29kb)BestOfEmpireland.pio (31kb)
BlueDanube.pio (27kb)BlueEyes.pio (33kb)CachouchaCaprice.pio (36kb)Chaminade.pio (22kb)
DeadMarchInSaul.pio (10kb)DearestB.pio (15kb)DieJahreszeiten.pio (19kb)Dinorah.pio (20kb)
EveryStep.pio (21kb)FireFly.pio (20kb)FourIndianLoveLyrics.pio (8kb)GetAMoveOn.pio (33kb)
GhostsHoliday.pio (26kb)Gondoliers.pio (38kb)HallelujahChorus.pio (22kb)HandsAcrossTheSea.pio (44kb)
Hongroise.pio (21kb)IndianLoveCall.pio (22kb)JohnPeelGalop.pio (30kb)Killarney.pio (32kb)
LaMascotte.pio (43kb)LargoEMesto.pio (16kb)LeProphete.pio (22kb)Lohengrin.pio (14kb)
LongWayToTipperary.pio (20kb)MarcheAndalouse.pio (29kb)Mikado.pio (29kb)MonasteryBells.pio (14kb)
MySumurunGirl.pio (32kb)Nocturne.pio (9kb)NorthCountryLadsAndLasses.pio (13kb)OldEnglishDance.pio (54kb)
OnDuty.pio (20kb)PleasantMemories.pio (35kb)PoetAndPeasant.pio (57kb)RachmaninoffPrelude.pio (13kb)
Raymond.pio (47kb)RomeoEtJuliette.pio (74kb)SanToy.pio (55kb)Serenade.pio (15kb)
Sonata.pio (15kb)TheBetterOle.pio (29kb)TonightsTheNight.pio (24kb)VictoryLand.pio (64kb)
Wanda.pio (18kb)ZigZag.pio (30kb)

I hope you enjoy using the program. Please feel free to leave comments via the "Contact Me" link at the bottom of this page

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